Inspired by the traditional ciders of England and Ireland, our ciders are created using traditional heritage apple varieties that are grown locally at Spring Vale Farm. Each of the varieties exhibit different characteristics, all of which vary from season to season due to the different growing conditions – so each vintage is different.

Learmonth Cider Plus Product Range

The Learmonth Cider Plus product range includes:

  • 321 Cider – Cuvée, Traditional Still, Heritage
  • Learmonth Cider – Innovations
  • Community Cider – Learning, Training & Making

321 Cider

All the 321 Ciders are made from traditional heritage cider varieties – such as Kingston Black, Yarlington Mill and Michelin – which are grown in a sustainable way using organic principles. Low sulphite use is possible because genuine cider varieties tend to be stable.

There are three 321 Ciders to choose from:

  • Cuvée – a premium sparkling ’Méthode Traditionnelle’ cider (750ml bottles)
  • Traditional – a refined, slightly dry still cider (500ml bottles)
  • Heritage – a slightly carbonated cider (375ml cans).

There are over 20 types of trees which exhibit different characteristics, all of which vary from season to season due to the different growing conditions – so each vintage is different. And because we use cider apples, the cider lasts and changes character over the years.

With three types to choose from, there will surely be a 321 Cider to suit your palette. All the ciders are best cold – some like cider over ice especially in summer.

Learmonth Cider: Innovations

Learmonth Cider Innovations use specific apple varieties from the Spring Vale Farm orchard and from the newly planted Learmonth Research Orchard to create new, innovative ciders. Increasingly pears are also being propagated.

From the more than 20 varieties of apples grown, approximately 10 single varieties will be picked and processed each year. Each variety is very different in colour and flavour. Hand-juiced and treated with care, the quantities produced will be very small.

The initial cider we’ve produced is:

Pet Nat – an innovative, full-flavoured blend of heritage apples. Made using méthode traditionnelle, the Pet Nat is finished but not filtered. It is naturally cloudy as the yeast remains in the bottle. (750ml bottles)

Community Cider: Making & Learning

If you always wanted to make your own cider, but not sure where to start? Good news! Learmonth Cider has classes that show you how you can make your own cider. You can even make a batch of your own signature brew right here at Learmonth Cider.

Individuals and organisations can bring their own apples to Learmonth Cider and learn how to produce their own cider – which they can consume or sell to raise funds for their organisations.

You can also attend our Cider Making courses to learn about the whole process of cider making – from propogation to apple variety selection to bottling and beyond.

Contact us to enquire about making your own cider or to participate in one of our Cider Making courses.

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